• SkyRoof is a straightforward hardware / software application for automated roof operation.
  • The application interface......clearly & concisely displays roof - scope - and weather status.

    SkyRoof...... typically controls relay activated, Reversing, Single Phase, 110 vac Motors.

    New- SkyRoof now controls garage and gate openers- Click this link for important details

    The SkyRoof Unit works well with .........MVO Controls, LLC........ "ROR Motor Kit."

    An Ascom Driver is provided for automation with most imaging applications.

    Reads text files from these cloud sensors: SkyAlert, Boltwood, AAG, Foster, Aurora

    Direct USB connectivity- No USB-Serial Port adapter needed

    USB powered- No additional power supply needed

    Required OS- Windows XP, 7, 8, 10


    Do not directly connect SkyRoof to hi current motor wiring.

    Connect only to the low current coils of the high current motor control relays.

    Similar to the motor relay control units provided by-

    MVO Controls, LLC






    Automation Information

    SkyRoof interfaces with SkyAlert or other compatible cloud sensors, to display conditions.

    It will close your roof for clouds, rain, high wind, high humidity, too light or data loss.

    SkyRoof works with any cloud sensor that produces a Boltwood one line Text File.


    ASCOM driver is provided for roof automation with any of these applications:

    CCDAP....... ACP....... Maxim DLv6........ CCD Commander........ Sequence Generator Pro........ MaxPilote........ PRiSM






    $395.00... SkyRoof System (includes free shipping in the USA)

    > The SkyRoof Control Software

    > The SkyRoof Control Module

    > Ascom Compliant Driver

    > ABS Plastic Enclosure

    > 16 foot USB Cable


    Interactive Astronomy Order Site


    Software Downloads Here



    Email- jimstar11gps@yahoo.com

    Direct Phone- 510-495-793

    Skype Number- 530-588-7962




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    Price- $395.00....scroll down for IAA ordering link


    > Text & Emails sent if roof is closed, or closes due to a weather alert.

    > Easy to use settings page for Roof Actions and Alerts.

    > A very compact and concise interface

    Controller Board

    Easy to install and make all of the necessary connections.

    SkyRoof is USB Powered........no external power supply is needed.


    Board Configuration & Connections

    If you have an existing system or building up your own motor controls, here are

    some additional items required and the basic SkyRoof board connections.


    Using Arduino Technology


    Roll Off Roof Controller